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     Maids ® is a nationally recognized brand with a reputation of leadership, professionalism and quality from coast to coast. For over 36 years, Maids ® has developed the best training and it’s unique twenty two step “Healthy Touch ® cleaning system. There are hundreds of profitable franchises currently operating successfully in the USA.

   The opportunity is now to invest in a major franchise operation, TAGFS MAIDS FUND, LLC (a subsidiary of TAGFS) plans to own 50 accelerated growth franchises. The overall operation and the franchises will be supported by The Maids Inc. which will provide their know how and proven commitment to ecelence. This opportunity will easily provide the ten full time required jobs with an eventual easy exit strategy for the safety and protection of capital.

The Maids ® has had a thirty-six year successful track record.

The Maids Fund 

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