• The investor is responsible for the results of their investment "risk"
  • The investor must dedicate his time to this investment in a new country with different laws/rules and a different culture.
  •  The typical investments for the "go it alone" crowd are: gasoline stations, restaurants, retail stores, which could be risky.
  • The investor carries the total risk of the investment without any support.

     Investors who "go it alone" are required to purchase or start a company and generate ten full time positions within two years. Frequently investors do not have the expertise to successfully manage this investment in a new country.

The key disadvantages to this strategy are:

     Investors may invest in their own project or team up with other investors through a Regional Center or by joining other investors in a Special Specific Purpose Project which are typically managed by the entity. In our opinion, the preferable method is to "team up" with other investors. This route offers the investor greater flexibility as they would only have indirect (passive) involvement with the management of their investment.

    The EB-5 visa program is the only clear, crisp, transparent and non-discretionary way to obtain a Green Card. It is the most efficient and secure way to obtain permanent residence in the USA.

Investor Visa Overview

The Americas Group Financial Services

     To encourage foreign investment the U.S. Congress created the fifth employment based preference immigration program (EB-5) with the goal to stimulate job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. Qualified foreign investors seeking an EB-5 visa must create through an investment of US$ 500,000. 

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  • There is no needed prior business experience or language skills
  • Investor does not have to personally manage their investment
  • Investor does not have to be continuously present in the USA
  • After five years they may apply for U.S. citizenship

     The advantages of teaming up with other investors are: Freedom to live and work anywhere in the USA and not being "tied down" to the location of their investment. Freedom to travel outside of the USA and return without a visa; including managing their investments in their home country or elsewhere. Once a Green Card is issued the investor has the freedom to find, develop and run their own business as they wish on their own terms. The ability to sponsor green cards for relatives is also an advantage. And enjoy educational and financial benefits by sending their children to local schools or universities in the state they choose to reside in.

Investor Visa Overview EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Visa