The Americas Group Financial Services

Process Summary

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  • Investor contact TAGFS’ licensee in Panama, The Americas Group Financial Services, S.A. and then fills out an Investor Suitability Questionnaire.  
  • Investor reviews available projects and selects an investment project
  • The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM ) is delivered to the investor, the subscription agreement is signed and the funds are deposited in Escrow (US $500,000 plus US $50,000 administration fee) to be released according to the terms of the PPM
  • An immigration attorney prepares and submits a form I-526 petition to USCIS
  • The US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews and accepts or rejects petition
  • If the application is denied escrow monies are returned
  • If the application is accepted funds are invested according to the terms of PPM
  • Upon acceptance an interview with US Consulate is set up
  • If application is denied attorney may appeal
  • After approval at a US Consulate a "conditional" Green Card is issued to the family
  • After two years and ten full time jobs have been created, attorney submits a form I-829 for a permanent Green Card
  • Three years later US citizenship may be applied for.

Click to view more information about the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Process from the USCIS:

Investor Visa Process

     The EB-5 visa program is the only clear, crisp, transparent and non-discretionary way to obtain a Green Card. It is the most efficient and secure way to obtain permanent residence in the USA.

Investor Visa